Praise for Elizabeth

I’ve met with Elizabeth Franceschi at the Nassau County Job Fair on April, 2013, and I invited her to become a motivational speaker to the students and graduates of Hunter Business School. Elizabeth was an amazing speaker; all the participants were so glad to attend her inspirational and motivational seminar. All attendees were engaged in practical activities and interacted with each other. At the end of her remarkable seminar, I have noticed that eyes of all participants lit up with hope and faith in themselves. As a result, the majority of participants secured permanent employment shortly after.


Adela Frenk

Career Services Director, Hunter Business School

Elizabeth (Chris Franceschi) presented a wonderful topic here at the COSIA 2014 retreat. One of the big takeaways that I gather from her presentation was The 8 Bills Rights as it relates to effective communication and improving relationships that clearing, understand and allowing space for creativity and sharing information was so critical. I am excited and motivated to go back to my job, to my family, to COSIA abroad and apply those techniques that she shared. I like the interaction. She was very passionate about sharing her experiences, and how she has been able to adapt, and apply those techniques in her personal life.


Cassandra Williams

President, COSIA

I love the exercises and activities. I love that it was just not lecturing, and we were able to get to know each other, and partner up with folks as well as do exercises which were fun.


Roselyn Barranda


The seminar was great! It was called Eliminating Chaos by Improving Relationships. It was helpful and informative. I can use that information to help me along my life’s journey. I felt like Chris helped captivated us with her energy and direction and growth. Her faith in people and God shine through. The seminar was informative and helpful and interactive. I recommend that lots of people come and have this experience with Chris because she was able to, not only through, her self-expression but her self-disclosure help us identify with some of the same things and to be successful. I think lots of people should come.


Dayna R. Snell

Founder and volunteer executive director, Queen Ann Nzinga Center, Inc. (QANC)

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