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Comparing ourselves to family, friends, neighbors or colleagues is an act that some lack the awareness they are even doing it. The point of this article is to tell you one viewpoint you can practice, so you stop comparing yourself to others. When considering the differences between yourselves and others the unhappiness triumphs in seconds. Like most individuals we compare ourselves to other’s appearances, intelligence, and social status.
But, I learned: Every person has played a leading role in the Life’s-A-Bitch-Then-You-Die Story whether it was today, tomorrow or the future.


My Fear and Love StoryMy Fear and Love Story


Let me explain this further.

My story is the Love and Fear Story. Countless times I feared where I lived or how people acted, and other days, I loved the exact things I hated. This feeling arose because of my personal and professional struggles. From childhood to adulthood nothing ever happened without hardships. My greatest struggle was experiencing love. One minute I was skipping in the flower fields; the next minute I was drowning in my tears. Since I fluctuated from hate to love, I named my story the Love and Fear Story.

Until I reached a period in my life, career and business when I understood myself, I quit existing in fear. One day later in life, I enjoyed life, love, and laughing, as I often sign off with, because I achieved self-love.

So like us, everyone has undergone or will undergo a story to tell.  You must avoid I am alone-in-the-world thoughts. Everybody has aspects of their lives or themselves; they wish to change.

My Fear and Love Story (1)Why and How


Now I will explain why you continuously compare yourself and how to stop it.

The Problem: Your Perception or how you are looking at people or circumstances.

The Solution: (Self-development): Grow mindful how you perceive what happens in work, life or home.

The Underlying Cause: Distorted Thinking Pattern: Unfair Comparisons. You compare you to others noticing the strength or perfection of others AND over focusing on your weaknesses or imperfections.

The Action. List what you are most grateful for in you, work, business, and relationships. When you catch yourself in this distorted thinking pattern or Unfair Comparisons, refer to this list.

In sum, leadership or leading requires an inner strength to deal with home, work or life affairs, As a leader our thinking and perceptions are critical. Whether we are leading in a personal or professional aspect, our thinking and perceptions affect the outcomes. For this reason, I constantly assert leadership is a way of being. We can not lead our families, employees, or life if we are not complete or develop within ourselves.

Final word: Comparison is the thief of Joy-Theodore Roosevelt  😎  🙂  😉 

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