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Elizabeth Franceschi is an Author, Speaker, Personal Development Coach and former FDNY Captain. After serving 27 1/2 years, she stumbled upon her passion for leadership and teaching. As a result, she established The Leadership Mastery Academy (TLMA).

As she taught and traveled on her life’s journey, Elizabeth’s passion deepened further. She designed and produce workshops and webinars. Elizabeth especially designed workshops and webinars to support and transform individual lives. During her workshops, she discusses her struggles as a woman in a male-dominated field. She further explains how she rose to the top and became the third, Latina, female Captain at FDNY. Primarily, she teaches how to achieve success, love and fulfillment in one’s life and career.

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During her 27 1/2 year tenure at FDNY, Elizabeth achieved many successes. These achievements include her selection for seven specialty units that include, but not limited to, the Fire Department Operations Center (FDOC) and the Incident Management Team (IMT). Equally important, she earned two promotions. First, she rose to the level of Lieutenant and four years later to the level of Captain. Furthermore, she designed and produced The 2009 EMS Job Satisfaction Initiative, a project to improve team morale.

Elizabeth’s accomplishments continued in her business.  She established The Leadership Mastery Academy (TLMA) and later collaborated with two prestigious organizations: Hunter Business School and Cultivating Our Sisterhood International Association (COSIA). Without delay, her successes accumulated.  She appeared on the Redsapien Radio Program, as well as the New Life Fellowship Leadership Women and COSIA’s conferences.

Elizabeth Franceschi’s most recent successes include her upcoming book: The Golden Ladder: How to Rise to the Top Using Positive Leadership Strategies.  In her book, she discusses her personal struggles, and how she overcame them.  In spite what she endured in her life and career, Elizabeth shares her stories in her book. 

In summary, Elizabeth Franceschi’s initial vision is to help individuals succeed and experience fulfillment in life, business or career through self-reflection, self-development, and self-mastery.




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