About TLMA

The Leadership Mastery Academy

TLMA is an academy where individuals learn and practice SelfLeadership Concepts: Leadership focused on self-governance, self-accountability, self-development, self-excellence. In other words, where you come to improve your “Self” or  to master your core competencies, traits, and skills. Throughout each workshop, program, product, webinar at the TLMA, our primary objective is personal development and personal excellence of Self- “Be All That You Can Be.” With our SCALE Methodology, TLMA’s students and participants learn to Stop, Choose, Act, Laser-Focus and Eliminate actions, words, emotions or behaviors in their lives, business, or whatever particular area an individual wants to improve or excel.



By learning 6-Self Mnemonic, you develop Leadership or Life skills that increase productivity and success. Come Join Us NOW in our upcoming online and offline sessions. Check out our productsways to work with me or TLMA’s Blog.


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