Your attitude really stinks! No, not yours, but there are certain individuals out there who display stinky attitudes that you, and I would love to say, “Hey, your attitude leaves a lot to be desired. However you know, if you were to mention their attitude, they would reply back with, “I don’t have an attitude, why should I care; no one pays my rent, or who makes you the expert? In fact, you even see individuals that have an attitude, and never even grasp they have an attitude. So, in the next few paragraphs, I will describe what an attitude is, how attitude is your number one predictor of success, and how to improve your attitude. But for now, the main takeaway is attitude is everything; it is the consequences and end results;it is how you experience life.

What is an Attitude?

So let’s start. 

     How can you define an attitude? For the sake of this post, the attitude I’m referring to is the nasty kind that snaps back at people, the one that looks unapproachable, the attitude that your body is guarded and apparently telling everyone to stay the hell away from you. However, if it is a more precise definition that you want, then attitude, as defined by the online-Google dictionary, is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something which causes you to behave a particular way and favor or disfavor someone or something. Some synonyms for attitude include view, viewpoint, outlook, perception, stance, standpoint, position, inclination, temper, or approach. These variations are how we define attitude.

Next, let me clarify why your attitude is the number one predictor of success.

     Justin Gesso of Victory Coaches in his article,  The Number Predictor of Success is Having A Positive Attitude, voices how he witnessed a group of 500 different people start out with same income, the same jobs, and many other similar factors, however, they each accomplished different outcomes in their health, wealth, friendships, job success, personal success, and overall life satisfaction over the course of 5 years. Additionally, after an experiment he conducted amongst another group of 500 people, this time, employees who also worked the same union position, were paid the same amount of money and carried similar expectations, tasks, and benefits is when he was especially persuaded to believe your attitude correlates to your success. He mentions that after not taking a long time to narrow down the distinction between the two groups and observing each group, he finally discover the fundamental factor that differentiated the successful individuals from the unsuccessful ones were their positive attitudes. So know that attitude is the main reason the successful people in both groups achieved better outcomes.

What Are The Consequences of A Negative or Positive Attitude?

     Now, let us chat about the positive and adverse consequences of maintaining the right or wrong attitude. High job performance, positive personal life, good health, incredible resilience is just a few, which were already mentioned by Mr. Gesso. Conversely, a negative attitude will bring you poor work performance, terrible financial woes, poor health, poor resistance, and low motivation. In sum, your attitude determines your outcomes, and the results decide your success.

  How Do You Change Your Attitude?

     So how do you change your attitude? Self-awareness first, as I always assert. You must admit you have a lousy attitude. Yes, you can still display a great attitude even if life gave you a bunch of lemons, as the idiom goes.  Countless unfortunate events plagued my life, but I used them to take a quantum leap forward, and I promise you can leap forward too. Next is to start on the path to personal development, here on this platform with me. Watch for future articles, conferences, workshops, and videos to learn to become the best you can become. In our more advanced courses, I teach the different types of attitude, the components of attitudes, and the functions of attitude.

    In sum, I leave you with questions to ponder. Do you have an attitude problem, and do you need an attitude adjustment? How will you change that attitude? What do you have to lose if you refuse to change your attitude? More importantly, remember, time, money, effort and circumstance have nothing to do with success.

   So, for now, stay tuned to part two: Stinky Attitude Basics where I cover the basic causes of why and how we formulate these attitudes, and the consequences of our negative attitude, plus part three: Types of Stinky Attitudes (The Subtle Ones)

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