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Elizabeth Franceschi is an Author, Speaker, Personal Development Coach, and Retired FDNY Captain. After proudly serving at the FDNY for 28 years and profoundly studying Personal Development for 11 years, she realized her passion for Self-Improvement, Leadership Development and Training.  Therefore, she founded The Leadership Mastery Academy (TLMA).  Her passion further intensify so she pursued creating and designing workshops, webinars, teleconferences, and meetups.  Elizabeth desired to support individuals with transforming their lives by teaching participants to emerge as the outstanding Leaders that they were destined to become.  

In each teaching platform, she candidly discusses her disappointments and successes, how she was promoted to the top levels of FDNY and became the third, Latina, female Captain at FDNY, and, above all, how to achieve success, love, and contentment in one’s life, business or career as an outstanding Leader.

Elizabeth’s successes include meeting or working with several leading or famous celebrities, entrepreneurs or dignitaries such as Oprah, Angela Basset, Martha Steward and more.  She has also had the enormous blessing to work with business gurus such as Bill Walsh, America’s Business Expert, and JT Fox,  #1 Wealth Coach.

Elizabeth’s is also a member of  Toastmaster’s International 

The Leadership Mastery Academy (TLMA)

TLMA offers practical online and onsite training to individuals keen on learning and mastering their life and leadership skills. Our Vision is to support individuals in obtaining the life they have always desired. Through our comprehensive training and available resources, we are able to bring together leaders, coaches, and professionals who can offer their expertise in self-confidence, fears, mindset and health. Each element is a vital component for living a happy, fulfilling and rewarding life.


You will learn and develop 10 Life/ Leadership skills. These include time management, problem-solving, conflict resolution, communication skills and more.


You will apply 10 specific Life/Leadership skills when making every day decision to gain power over your problems, gain control over your choices and achieve self-confidence in your abilities.


You will master 10 Life/Leadership Skills by learning how to perfect these 10 Life/Leadership skills


You will learn growth comes from conducting self-assessment. Assessing you thoughts, words, actions and results is critical.  Learn self-assessment techniques is the catalyst to success.



Transform You; Transform Your Leadership Podcast is a forum where I share my personal stories on the mistakes & lessons I  learned throughout my FDNY  and NYPD career.  How I went from lacking confidence, a weak outlook, and fears to finding my greatest potential and learning what it takes to be a leader or finding my greatest potential. 

Additionally, you will learn that leadership is a way of being, and how your accomplishments correlate with your inner personalities, values, and abilities. For example, if you tend to procrastinate, which many individuals do, you lack in a self-trait and values. Find out what that self-trait and value by staying tuned to each podcast



What are People Saying

I’ve met with Elizabeth Franceschi at the Nassau County Job Fair on April, 2013, and I invited her to become a motivational speaker to the students and graduates of Hunter Business School. Elizabeth was an amazing speaker; all the participants were so glad to attend her inspirational and motivational seminar. All attendees were engaged in practical activities and interacted with each other. At the end of her remarkable seminar, I have noticed that eyes of all participants lit up with hope and faith in themselves. As a result, the majority of participants secured permanent employment shortly after.

Adela Frenk

Career Services Director, Hunter Business School

Elizabeth (Chris Franceschi) presented a wonderful topic here at the COSIA 2014 retreat. One of the big takeaways that I gather from her presentation was The 8 Bills Rights as it relates to effective communication and improving relationships that clearing, understand and allowing space for creativity and sharing information was so critical. I am excited and motivated to go back to my job, to my family, to COSIA abroad and apply those techniques that she shared. I like the interaction. She was very passionate about sharing her experiences, and how she has been able to adapt, and apply those techniques in her personal life.

Cassandra Williams

President, COSIA

Great Learning Experience

“I attend a group coaching class they put on concerning leadership. Concrete examples were provided and discussion to help ensure we had full understanding. Real-life examples were used as well as shared by the participants. All of us were engaged by the instructor calling us each to answer questions and participate. That helped us stay involved. I recommend their courses and coaching.”

Jim Hull

CEO, Entrepreneur

The Golden Ladder

Elizabeth Franceschi’s most recent successes include her upcoming book: The Golden Ladder: How to Rise to the Top Using Positive Leadership Strategies. In her book, she discusses her personal struggles, and how she overcame them. Additionally, she discusses ten strategies to rise you to the top of life, and how to use them to achieve personal transformation. Specifically, how you can become the best you can become to achieve what you want in life.

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Elizabeth Franceschi’s primary vision is to help individuals succeed and experience fulfillment in life, business or career through self-reflection, self-development and self-mastery.

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